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IP Security Cameras, Access Control, Biometrics, Sensors

Physical Security Solutions | Video Surveillance and… ANNOUNCING THE ADDITION OF BRIVO TO THE AEB PRODUCT LINE!!! AEB provides IP & technology-centric physical security solutions with our client’s business model in mind. These systems position our end users to take advantage of future enhancements and technology developments. Physical Security Solutions Include: Video Surveillance Access Control […]

Line Management and People Counting System (LMS)

AEB’s Line Management System (LMS) uses a series of cameras and sensors strategically placed in a facility to measure and report back, in real time, analytical solutions for people counting and line management, reducing wait times and improving security. Our solution will detect over 99% of all people. Our counting technology is precise and detects […]

Introducing the 1st Channel Program for the IoT Industry Exclusively from AEB!

Make Up To 10% on IoT Sales & Endpoint Monitoring! Attn:  Telecom Agents, VARs, Consultants, System Integrators etc. Welcome to the NEW WORLD!  AEB is proud to introduce to you the FIRST and ONLY Channel Program for the IoT industry! AEB has been consulting on, designing, and installing IoT solutions for almost 5 years now […]

FREE Cyber Security Risk Assessment

Free For A Limited Time: AEB Wants To Give Your Company A Free Cyber-Security Risk Assessment That Gives You The Answers You Want And The Certainty You Need It’s natural to want to think, “We’ve got it covered.” Yet we can practically guarantee our team will find one or more ways your business is at serious […]