Line Management, People Counting & Access Control

Make your facility more attractive to patrons with the latest smart solutions for increased security, comfort and convenience. AEB offer’s solutions for access and destination control, information communication, and equipment monitoring – everything you need.

AE BACKOFFICE has a scalable and flexible access control system that can be seamlessly integrated with your elevator system, building doors and IP Security Camera System. The solution combines user interface devices, system hardware, and access control management software and IoT sensors that will monitor movement and assist in people counting.

In addition to providing our own access solution, AEB can integrate any third-party access solution with your elevator system, offering you complete freedom of choice.


  • Improved People Flow and security by integrating your access control system with your IP security cameras, elevator and door solutions
  • Easy planning, installation, and operation – everything form a single point of contact
  • Easily scale up and adapt the system if your needs change

Unlike conventional line management or elevator control systems which only register the desired travel direction, our destination control system takes into account desired destination, floors and the number of passengers waiting on standby to significantly improve efficiency and convenience.


  • The best performance and passenger convenience in one solution, enabled by the most advanced and flexible technology on the market
  • Clear guidance, no unnecessary stops, and less crowded lines and elevators by assigning people according to their destination
  • Attractive, user-friendly operating panels, including new touchscreens and mobile applications for smartphones
  • Easy integration with third-party access control systems