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In today’s world everyone and everything is connected. Whether it’s patient monitoring in hospitals, connected manufacturing floors, or students on the quad, data is being collected, analyzed, and driving activity. Are your systems ready for the influx of data? How quickly can your organization respond to data and change direction? Let AEB help you define what data center technologies can help your business become more agile, deliver faster services, and increase profitability. Our unique process puts the focus on your business while delivering best in class technology and support.

Data Center Solutions Include:

  • Cloud Solutions
  • End-User Computing
  • Data Center Services
  • Data Performance
  • Data Center Efficiency
  • Data Center Partners

In an already oversaturated market of terms none brings more angst and confusion than “Cloud”.  Is it real or just more marketing?  What does it do and more importantly, can it help my business?  AEB can help you sort through the mess and find the real value to your organization.  Whether it’s automation, off-site administration, security, or compliance, AEB has the expertise and experience to help you find the best fit solution.

AEB data performance technologies include data storage, long term data retention and recovery as well data disaster planning.  Using proven technology, AEB will help your data finally perform like a well-oiled machine, driving business decisions and activity throughout your organization.  AEB focuses on storage features, efficiency, retention, recovery and management.

AEB end user computing solutions can provide a new way to perform traditional IT tasks that can remove the burden of technology accepted as todays standard operating procedures.  End user computing solutions from AEB provide centralized control, quick provisioning, mobile accessibility, and secure access for end-user applications and systems.

AEB Data Center Efficiency Solutions can help clear up the complexities and help your data center become the corporate asset it should be.  Solutions including system and network consolidation, application “right-sizing”, unified management and optimization will make your data center a success.

Technology is advancing faster than most businesses can handle and every day your IT department is challenged with embracing a new technology, service or solution.  Whether your looking for help designing a new data center infrastructure from the ground up or just need assistance with your existing infrastructure, AEB can help.

Your Network, Anywhere

AEB helps businesses and organizations determine the drivers pushing the bounds of technology and match those drivers to data center technologies. These solutions improve the performance of business processes and deliver IT services more efficiently and economically to end-users.

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