IoT for Hospitality – including Consulting for Hotel Technology and SMART Infrastructure

AEB provides a wide range of hospitality technology and consulting services for properties world-wide.

As a major technology provider to property developers and owners of all kinds, the hospitality industry became a natural transition for us. Todays guests are tech savvy, and expect their time away from home to be as connected as possible and that where AEB comes in.

AEB’s IoT for Hospitality solutions creates an environment where a reservation can be made either online or via an app download that will sync with your hotels front desk automated & connected SMART Kiosk. The app can even be downloaded prior to arriving and the reservations can be made directly through the app. If a guest chooses not to download the app prior to arrival, they can utilize the SMART Kiosk to automate their entire experience as well.

When in the lobby, using AEB’s SMART, automated, touch screen Kiosk, a guest can check in. They can enter their reservation #, credit card or other info right into the app or kiosk in the lobby. It will integrate with online reservation systems too fully automating their check-in process. The kiosk or app will then process the credit card transaction, give them their room #, activate the mobile key giving the guest access to the rooms and more. Below you will see a list of some of the items the app and or kiosk will offer the guest.


With AEB’s SMART App / SMART Kiosk integration, we can fully automate a guests entire experience including, but not limited too, all of the following services:

  • Check In / Check Out
  • Mobile Key
  • Room Preferences
  • Online Payment
  • Ordering of ANYTHING, including Housekeeping, Room Service, Specialty Services, etc
  • Exploring the hotel and its amenities
  • Map of the Hotel with GPS functionality
  • Multiple languages
  • Much more, just ask!

When a guest enters their room, they will find AEB’s SMART building automation services are integrated with a mounted or tethered touch screen device, such as a tablet or iPad. Using either the device or the SMART App, a guest can completely control the room lighting, temperature, shades, multimedia, etc. Need room service? Housekeeping? Music? Movies? Just order the service through either the touch screen device or the SMART App and your request is instantly logged, time stamped and requested. For service requests, guests will even be alerted to the progress of their requests via text or App alert messaging!

Obviously, to have all of these SMARTY solutions work, the property will require 100% Wi-Fi coverage throughout and back office support thereafter. AEB is an expert in Wi-Fi deployment and our world class 24×7 remote support will constantly be monitoring your properties services too.


Of course, your guests aren’t the only ones needing SMART services. As a property owner, you need to ensure that all of your mechanical systems are always running at peak capacity too. AEB’s Predictive Failure Monitoring service will continuously monitor your HVAC, refrigeration units and any other mechanical device on your property, ensuring optimal usage, lowering the cost of your electric bills, minimizing repairs and outages and keeping your property running as efficiently as possible.

SMART security is also a must. From SMART security cameras, to SMART locks and to cloud backup of the security footage, AEBs SMART Security package will ensure that your guests and employees are always safe. Like the rest of our solutions, the SMART security services are touch screen or app enabled, only accessible with proper security clearances, which are provided to AEB by the property owners or management.

AEB will also assist you in your SMART lighting needs. Want to change the scene, color, hue, temperature of any or all of your indoor or outdoor lighting? Using our SMART App services, you can set the mood for your entire property with the swipe of your finger! Create the optimal mood for your guests environment day or night and watch the 5 star ratings roll in!

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