IoT Solutions for Transportation

Harness IoT and sensor data to maximize asset performance.

Boost uptime, performance, and productivity. Better understand – and anticipate – customer behavior, needs, and preferences. And adapt more easily and readily to changing business cycles. With IoT solutions from AEB, you can:

  • Continuously improve reliability and equipment efficiency. Predict emerging issues and maintenance requirements so you can address them proactively to keep assets in service and maximize uptime.
  • Get deeper customer insight with real-time decision management. Combine historical offline data with current customer and in-channel data – and use superior decision engines to take the guesswork out of real-time customer interactions.
  • Proactively respond to changing demand signals. Improve the accuracy of your forecasts, and use what-if analyses to assess opportunities quickly so you can allocate resources appropriately.


How Internet of Things will Optimize Transportation?

We have all seen transportation officials as well as policemen working in harmony towards improving traffic, increasing reliability as well as cutting the cost of transportation and road safety on a daily basis. How convenient it will be for them if they had access to more accurate information! With the use of AEB’s IoT sensors, intelligent, reliable as well as accurate transportation systems can be engineered enabling vehicles on the roads to calculate their accurate traveling time, detect potholes from a distance as well as also determine the occupancy rate of different parking lots before actually reaching there. Data collected from this intelligent transportation system can be then deployed into traffic management for the purpose of avoiding congestion, jams, optimizing the traffic signals and to determine the areas which require maintenance and improvement. This will also provide transportation officials with the chance to concentrate on improving the future of traffic control!

Internet of Things And Roads

Road- sensors are going to be one of the most crucial developments that will take place in the world of transportation with the introduction of the Internet of Things technology.  AEB’s powerful, compact, low- power, and wireless road sensors can be easily embedded under the roads so that they can effectively measure the changes in temperature, traffic volume, and humidity, among other weather and traffic constraints. This collected data is then directly transmitted to the server via these wireless sensors for analysis and processing purposes. This, in turn, will enable the authorities to provide real-time data regarding the traffic as well as road conditions in any particular region. Road maintenance during harsh weather conditions can also be measured and repaired with the help of this collected information. This can also be used for alerting the traffic flow regarding any possible hazards and accidents which may take place due to poor road and weather conditions.

It is now possible to monitor the overall health (including battery life, fuel level, engine status as well as voltage) of your vehicle! With the help of AEB’s IoT devices, drivers can monitor and control their vehicles remotely while also getting timely information about its performance and health. AEB sensors can be connected to the on- board diagnostics port of your vehicle and it will send alerts regarding any potential damages and maintenance issues with the vehicles. Remotely locking/ unlocking their cars, monitoring teenage drivers, delivery drivers, and managing the speed limit remotely are all possible due to the IoT.

Similarly, data related to speed, temperature of the engine and oil pressure can also be received and processed in the real time. This will help in keeping your vehicles serviced and well- maintained reducing the chances of breakdowns and engine failures.

AEB IoT for Transportation will improve all aspects of transportation including roads, vehicles, traffic and transit is possible.

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