IoT for Agriculture

Over the past few decades, environmental monitoring has become increasingly important. Environmental factors such as climate change, dwindling water resources, and threatened habitats are driving the need to monitor the environment and implement better policies to protect it. Many natural processes in the environment are driven by or in some ways related soil hydrological processes. Monitoring soil moisture conditions provides important information for the protection and in the understanding of local and regional water resources.


Irrigation of crops represents 90% of the water used worldwide. Monitoring soil moisture in the root zone of crops will optimize irrigation. The benefits of optimizing irrigation scheduling with soil moisture sensors includes increasing crop yields, saving water, protecting local water resources from runoff, saving on energy costs, saving on fertilizer costs and increasing the farmer profitability.

AEB uses soil sensors like the one below to monitor soil moisture and acidity to ensure that our clients crops are growing in the most optimal conditions.

By using AEB’s IoT Sensors, you can monitor soil, water, temperature and more, getting real time updates to your mobile device or other monitoring systems alerting you to impactful changes and you can track trends over the long term to ensure optimal growing conditions. This approach will limit your wasted time, money and spoiled or poorly grown crops and replace it with expertly grown crops that you were able to plan for, making your farm more efficient, saving you money on preparations, ultimately allowing you to increase your crop yield and your profits faster than ever before!




Crop management decisions of the modern farmer have undergone a significant transition towards the use of data driven information that was unimaginable just one generation ago. Data driven agriculture is helping growers to conserve resources, increase yields and improve quality, ensuring sustainability for future generations.

AEB provides detailed environmental and soil monitoring that delivers a better understanding of your field and how it may affect growth, disease and potential yield.

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