SMART Cities

IoT Solutions for Smart Cities

AEB helps improve government efficiency, grow business revenue and improve service delivery by fusing analytics with IoT data.

Tap into – and get more out of – the connected world. Take full advantage of data streaming in from connected citizens, sensors, systems, and products. AEB delivers IoT solutions for smart cities that enable you to:

  • Boost energy efficiency.  Optimize delivery of energy and electricity by applying analytics to data that’s streaming from smart grid sensors.
  • Improve citizen services.  Automatically detect when citizen services – such as trash or recycling – are needed, and provide those services more effectively.
  • Take control of transportation issues.  Dynamically manage traffic flow and parking availability, which helps boost the economy while reducing citizen transit and shipping delivery times
  • Proactively maintain public assets and infrastructure.  Automatically know when vehicles, bridges and other assets or infrastructure are likely to need maintenance.
  • Anticipate disruptions.  Dynamically sense the citizen environment and mitigate government service disruptions using social media and other citizen data.

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AEB has international involvement from the Smart City world community and smart city developers.  Our team doesn’t only bring in technical solutions but carves the political pathways through strategic relationships across the country that have the pull needed to get the right attention as well as break through the red tape.  In many cases this is done by bringing in fortune 50 companies to share in the startup and bring in the jobs and tax revenue to swing the big stick needed, so to speak.   It’s not just about making the city smart, it’s about how to create an ROI and additional income with the infrastructure changes.

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