Network Security

Network Security Solutions | Email and Web Security

Our goal is to first develop and maintain a deep understanding of your organization’s security concerns, risks, capabilities, and limitations. With this, our holistic approach to network and data security design will ensure your network security solution is practical, effective, manageable, and cost-effective.


Network Security Solutions Include

  • Security Posture Assessments
  • Intrusion Prevention Systems
  • Security Management
  • Application Security
  • Email and Web Security
  • Secure Access Control
  • Threat-Centric Firewall
  • Data Center Security

Cisco’s Threat-Centric Firewall provides integrated threat defense features across the entire attack continuum, leveraging best-in-class IP’s, AMP, AVC and URL filtering to protect against threats coming from multiple vectors.

Protecting against the complex and dynamic threat cycle of advanced malware requires staying adhead of attackers with better intelligence.  Cisco’s Collective Security Intelligence (CSI) Cloud provides global event correlation and threat event propagation to keep your security technologies aware of threats and conditions across the globe.

The enterprise network no longer sits within four secure walls.  As the network expands, the complexity of controlling access and managing risk grows too.  Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) is the market leading security policy management platform that unifies and automates access control to proactively enforce context-based access to enterprise networks and resources – policies can be the same across or distinguished between all connection methods (wired, wireless or VPN).

Cisco Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) for endpoints is the only advanced malware protection system that covers the entire attack continuum.  This provides continuous real-time analysis, advanced analytics, retrospective malware detection and remediation, and outbreak control in lightweight connector that’s easy to deploy and won’t consume device resources.

Protecting Your Network On All Fronts

To cover the entire attack continuum before, during, and after an attack, AEB can help your organization address a broad range of attack vectors with security solutions that operate everywhere a threat can manifest itself. This includes the network, mobile devices, virtually, and in the cloud or data center.

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