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AEB Solution Deployment and Integration gives you access to field-tested experts and with real-world experience. We design and deploy technologies that not only leverage existing systems but also positioning you to easily integrate new technologies that emerge in the future. Our Strategic Engagement Framework service delivery methodology eliminates assumptions and reduces risk to ensure success throughout the lifecycle of your project. Our engineering and project management teams stay in lock-step with you from project inception to completion. As we collaborate with your internal IT team, we can advise you on all possible technology solutions and help you select those that make the most sense for your business. In addition to our deep understanding of technologies, we also comprehend the business process aspects as well as the needs of end users. This combination allows us to recommend solutions that work well for all stakeholders.

As you develop your cloud strategy, ensuring that higher-impact servers are part of the total solution means that your business can take full advantage of the savings offered  by virtualization technologies. An optimized and pervasive virtualized data center minimizes costs while enhancing availability and recoverability.  AEB  can unite your computing, networking, storage access, and virtualization into a cohesive system based on a next-generation data center platform.

The technology component of a corporate relocation project requires intense planning and coordinated action. Network infrastructure and peripherals must be taken down, reinstalled, and connected to newly activated circuits with minimum interruption of business processes. This process also provides an opportunity for an organization to consider the benefits of new solutions over reintegrating existing voice, data, and video technologies. Hundreds of businesses have relied on AEB for the expertise to manage their technology relocations from end to end, including

  • Voice and Data circuit provisioning and project management.
  • Cable infrastructure planning and installation.
  • Deinstallation, re-installation, and testing of servers, routers, switches, and network peripherals.
  • After hours and weekend support.
  • Strategic planning for new technology integration.
  • First day of business support to ensure a seamless transition.

New advances in audio visual technologies are helping organizations collaborate more effectively with employees, business partners, customers, and students. Solutions intended to deliver tailored, high-quality visual messaging on demand are changing the way companies are conducting business. Now, audio visual devices, content, and control are a working part of the converged network. AEB can help make this migration of yet another traditional stand-alone application to the IP network a seamless process. From the initial design phase through the integration project, and ongoing service, a AEB -designed AV solution will enable your organization to effectively communicate and exchange information with your co workers and constituents either regionally or around the globe. Contact us for information on how to receive a consultation with a AEB certified Audio Visual Engineer:

  • Digital media signage for enhanced customer experience.
  • Distribute timely and targeted communications
  • Deliver media across an IP network to accelerate employee learning.
  • Scale-able, centralized management.
  • Conference room solutions for presentations and video communication

Successful IT adoption requires strategic planning, solution design, deployment and on-going support. Most providers specialize in just one of two things: thinking or doing. Clients need both. Many businesses find it challenging to identify a single partner that fulfills the end-to-end process. AEB  provide the best of both worlds. Our team features high-level consultants with years of experience across both business processes and leading technologies. We follow industry best practices to help you develop successful strategic IT plans:

  • Understanding how to apply technology to solve your business needs.
  • Applying a collaborative approach with you to establish holistic, business-driven solutions for your IT architecture.
  • Understanding your initial vision to help identify an ideal end-state that includes input from every business unit.
  • Specializing in resolving business issues and achieving the objectives you need to accomplish.

Once our team helps you establish a technology road map and strategic IT plan, AEB can then provide the systems engineering and support personnel to design, deploy and support the technology—addressing all of your IT requirements through a single technology partner.

A structured cabling system, while generally not visible to the outside, is the critical backbone for all of your technology systems. Cable selection and installation quality have a direct impact on the performance of all network applications. The introduction of voice, AV and video conferencing applications over the converged network has established the necessity of an infrastructure that can deliver Quality of Service (QoS). There is no margin for error. AEB has built a strong relationships with general contractors, architects, and the end-user community and AEB has become the go-to partner to provide on-time and successful completion of their infrastructure projects. With our team of project managers and cabling technicians, you have the opportunity to partner with a firm that can deliver a true complete solution. Whether the need is for fiber, Cat 6, or Cat 6e, we will deliver the Scope that will take your integration project seamlessly into its next phase.

As business increasingly consider cloud-based alternatives such as Software as a Service and Infrastructure-as-a-Service the landscape is changing for IT.  Cloud is forcing IT’s evolution from that of service provider to that of service broker.  Given the choice of managing around cloud technologies or addressing them, IT should embrace cloud options by implementing an efficient and effective hybrid cloud strategy. Although today’s technology is not capable of implementing a seamless hybrid cloud environment, it continues to improve, and as it does, IT will evolve from being a provider of services to becoming a broker of technologies.  IT will find itself as more of an intermediary for the business–helping with contracts, managing relationships, resolving problems, and providing both customization and integration services. AEB assists with this IT transformation throughout the entire process, beginning with business objectives and requirements, continuing through hybrid cloud technology selection, and finally  implementation. AEB can also assist with the brokerage role itself, supplying customization and integration services.

The current IT business strategy and application delivery model has been permanently disrupted by the cloud. CIOs are grappling with procuring services from public providers if IT cannot deliver the responsiveness they require, and users now expect the same type of instant gratification they receive from SaaS providers. For IT to remain proactive, it must adopt the same type of agile, automated and on-demand private cloud model used by cloud providers.  IT as a Service allows IT to becomes an enabler of business rather than a bottleneck. AEB  is adept at helping IT organizations transform to the IT as a Service model. Our approach is to think big, but start small. We assist our clients in completing their virtualization journeys and in working with the business units to identify appropriate workloads to begin moving into a private cloud. Our extensive expertise and experience in implementing a private cloud environment ranges from orchestration and automation.

Customarily, data center purchases have been driven by project-based requirements and departmental budgets. The result is that the typical data center consists of multiple solutions with sometimes overlapping or redundant equipment, systems, management tools and processes. By conceptualizing servers, storage, networks and desktops from the hardware, virtualization has been the catalytic agent for data center convergence. From unified fabric to integrated infrastructure to converged desktops, organizations are rapidly realizing economic and other benefits that result from the transformation to a software defined data center. AEB, as a recognized leader in virtualization, networking, storage, and unified communications, is uniquely positioned to assist clients in taking optimal advantage of IT convergence.



Enterprises are often vulnerable to attacks from next-generation malware, which can sidestep traditional signature-based security controls to gain access to networks. Security devices such as firewall, URL filters, and anti-virus rely on signatures and known patterns of misbehavior to detect threats. Aggressive malware designed to evade these controls can gain access undetected and lie in wait before carrying out a range of damaging actions. AEB can design and implement a Threat Prevention Platform around best of breed technologies to safeguard your network from threats of this type.

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