Building Automation

Building Automation Systems

The AEB  Building Automation System offers you the following options:

  • The ability to integrate multiple building systems no matter the manufacturer or installer
  • Achieve much greater flexibility through open protocol interoperability
  • The ability to expand, upgrade, optimize your facility systems

With AEB, your business will get a comprehensive, customized and detailed solution that empowers you to build upon your existing infrastructure in order to meet today’s needs.  The AEB BAS prepares your building, allowing you to take advantage of the latest technologies.

System Architecture for the AEB Building Automation System

With AEB’s web-based solution, every level of your system is always accessible and configurable. Configure, command and control your system from any location through an intuitive browser based user interface which enables you to access all of your building systems, lighting, HVAC, security and more, both cost-effectively and efficiently.

Scalable System

New features and functions providing increased scalability for the AEB BAS include the following capabilities supported on the networks:

  • Controller-based web pages to view, command, and monitor your entire BAS
  • Remote web access
  • Simple to use interface from any browser limits the need for dedicated computer-based workstation
  • Interoperability and adherence to strict protocol implantation guidelines
  • User interface for monitoring, commanding and managing alarms in real-time

Predictive Failure Monitoring Add-On

AEB’s Predictive Failure Monitoring Service uses IoT sensors to take real time measurements of vibrations and temperatures to ensure be able to PREDICT when something will go wrong.  Used as an overlay to our AEB BAS, PFM can be used on any mechanical unit, like HVAC, Refrigeration or other mechanical units. PFM goes beyond your typical BAS system that simply tells you when a fan is running or not. PFM’s machine learning algorithms learn the optimal vibration, temperature and other data, to always know, in real time, if your mechanical unit is operating efficiently or not.  If a bolt comes loose, it will sense that and alert you.  If the unit is running too hot, it will sense that too, and alert you.  Stop guessing when something is going to fail.

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