WiFi Deployment & Heat Mapping


WiFi wireless networks are everywhere. They are a critical component of most business infrastructures. They need to be examined, explained, and held accountable.   An AEB WiFI Site Survey will show you what’s going on inside your 802.11 network. Our Site Survey provides advanced data collection and visualization capabilities that form a complete wireless LAN site survey solution that allows you to visualize the radio waves and demonstrate the effectiveness of your Wi-Fi coverage.

  • WiFi Coverage & Wireless Performance Heatmaps
    Visualize heatmaps for signal/noise, WLAN throughput, PHY data rates, retry rates, and packet losses at every location on the floor
  • Access Point Wireless Heat Maps
    Heatmaps to view coverage and performance of your backup APs in case of missing or down primary APs
  • Channel Overlap WLAN Heat Maps
    See the primary and secondary channel overlap heatmaps to mitigate channel interference and maximize the performance potential of 802.11 networks
  • Ideal AP Placement and Configuration
    Eliminate the guesswork and calculate the ideal quantity, placement and configuration of APs for a successful WLAN deployment
  • Multiple Floor Wireless Heat Maps or Outdoor
    Generate WiFi heat maps to see if AP signals are “bleeding” to other floors in your building. Step outside and collect outdoor wireless data to analyze.

Simple and Fast Data Collection

AEB’s Site Survey provides three effective methods for capturing data making data collection quick and easy:

  • One point at a time
  • Continuous walks through the survey area
  • And GPS positioning for outdoor surveys

Powerful Report Generation

With an AEB Site Survey, you can create custom reports or re-use report templates to visualize your coverage, or interactively view your coverage data.


  • Display the signal strength of every wireless network in your survey area.
  • Supports multiple building levels and will display 2D or 3D signal strength maps of an area.
  • Helps you select which channel is the quietest for minimum interference from neighbors.
  • Uses a unique algorithm which accurately estimates signal strength in unknown areas.
  • Supports metric and imperial systems.
  • Visualizations are distinguishable for people who are color blind.

With an AEB Site Survey, you are not limited to indoor site surveys. You can easily conduct surveys of large WLANs (e.g., campus Wi-Fi networks) outdoors and, in fact, the data collection process might be greatly facilitated because of GPS.


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