What Is Your IoT Strategy?

What Is Your IoT Strategy? Are you still struggling with how to harness the power of the Internet of Things (IoT)? Read on to find out how AE BACKOFFICE can guide you through the murky waters of the IoT transition.

Microsoft, IBM, Cisco, Intel, and others have put in the groundwork to establish a base for their Internet of Things (IoT) plan to explore software for everything from cars to wearables. Now comes the hard part – making it work.


These companies have been working on software for connecting devices for more than a decade. They have gone to market with everything from software to car entertainment systems, point-of-sale terminals, coffee makers and smartwatches.

AEB has many years of experience consulting on, designing and installing IoT solutions, as well as applying machine learning algorithms and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

For instance, in the construction technology field, we are experts in SMART Home Automation and have installed thousands of connected devices that range from temperature control to security and access control. AEB has also developed IoT sensors and monitors that will do everything from monitor structure and ground vibrations, to deploying people counting solutions for high traffic areas, reducing security risks for patrons. We have worked on connecting patient’s wearable devices to their electronic medical records and we have designed agriculture solutions for soil, wind, and moisture tracking to guarantee the best crop yield.

Our solutions are far-reaching and cover all industries and we utilize the various technologies of our partners like Microsoft, IBM, Cisco, Intel and others to customize solutions for your industry.

Are you a trash company that needs to improve upon billing and reduce time in the field for your trucks? We have RFID tracking solutions for you to better track your trucks and bill your clients, in real time. Are you a rancher or zookeeper who needs to track your cattle or other four-legged friends? Then ask us about our IoT Wander Guard solutions.

AEB’s IoT applications are endless, being implemented in everything from manufacturing to medical, sports and gaming to transportation and security and beyond, and AEB is building a number of new cloud-powered services that are aimed at harnessing, managing and making sense of data from sensors and Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

Not sure about your IoT strategy? Then contact AE BACKOFFICE today to get started.