Physical Security Solutions & Video Surveillance

Physical Security Solutions | Video Surveillance

AEB provides IP & technology-centric physical security solutions with our client’s business model in mind. These systems position our end users to take advantage of future enhancements and technology developments by standardizing on open platforms, not proprietary systems.

Physical Security Solutions Include:

  • Video Surveillance
  • Access Control
  • People Counting
  • Line Management
  • Visitor Management
  • Credentialing & Badging
  • Command and Control Centers
  • Emergency Notification

The ever-changing technology of today require system’s integrators to design and implement systems around non-proprietary standards.  By utilizing best of breed IP Cameras, storage, video management software (VMS), and servers, AEB strives to design and implement systems that are high performing and open to future technologies.  This in turn protects the investments of our clients and partners.

As a result of the continued convergence and the IT environment this continues to become increasingly complex to deploy.  By partnering with market leaders in the industry, we can leverage companies virtualized environments and infrastructure to deploy these systems making the implementation more cost effective and reducing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) in the future.

Present today in many of our customer environments is the need to comply with many different laws and regulatory requirements for safety, privacy, logical security, and means to protect infrastructure and intellectual property. Implementing a comprehensive access control system and policies contributes and in some cases, is required for compliance.  The solutions we implement in today’s work place have integration into 3rd party systems that provide a single database for forensic and auditing purposes.

Credentials today have become much more secure and have many more purposes today than simple photo ID’s & badges.  Credentialing solutions in todays environment provide many technologies including read/write data capability to provide information to support many other business applications and processes.  We often provide credentials to support financial POS systems, food service systems, Bio-Metric profile templates, time and attendance and job costing information including logical security with AD (Active Directory) support.

Protecting Assets With a Networked Approach

AEB helps business and organizations develop physical security solutions that are as unique as your business. Rather than focusing on specific products, AEB delivers end to end solutions matched to your specific needs and environment.

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