Predictive Failure Monitoring

Hope is not a strategy

AEB’s predictive failure & crack monitoring solutions will protect your property and its mechanical operation units. Your property is too valuable to just hope that it’s mechanical units do not fail or that it’s foundation won’t crack.

Predictive Failure Monitoring (PFM)

Everything has a vibration and a temperature.  AEB’s Predictive Failure Monitoring Service uses IoT sensors to take real time measurements of those vibrations and temperatures to ensure be able to PREDICT when something will go wrong.  Used on any mechanical unit, like HVAC, Refrigeration or other mechanical units, PFM goes beyond your typical BAS system that simply tells you when a fan is running or not. PFM’s machine learning algorithms learn the optimal vibration, temperature and other data, to always know, in real time, if your mechanical unit is operating efficiently or not.  If a bolt comes loose, it will sense that and alert you.  If the unit is running too hot, it will sense that too, and alert you.  Stop guessing when something is going to fail.  Call AEB today to protect your investment.

Foundation Crack Monitoring (FCM)

Building foundations crack, that’s a fact.  Often times, property owners are unaware that of this cracking…until it’s too late.  AEB’s Foundation Crack Monitoring solution uses intelligence that will proactively measure the foundation, down to the nearest millimeter and can identify even the slightest shifting, which ultimately would lead to cracks in your property’s foundation.  Millions are spent on crack repairs by property owners every year.  FCM will alert you using its IoT sensor technology so you can fix the issue before it becomes devastating and potentially unfixable.

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