IoMT – Internet of Medical Things

The Internet of Things is everywhere now and nowhere is it more prevalent or necessary than in the medical industry. The applications are endless and AEB can help you navigate through the idea, design and implementation phases of your project, regardless of what you need to accomplish.

Building a new Hospital, Senior Care, Assisted Living or other facility? AEB will work with your Project Team on the initial planning and design phases, and then we will implement, monitor and support these solutions for you as well.

We will create a state of the art offering for your patients or patrons to include everything from SMART Security and Wander Guard Systems to SMART flooring, which will track and monitor when someone develops a “gait” in their walk or falls. SMART walls integrate voice control to make sure that patients or patrons lives are made more comfortable, for instance, a patient or patron can use voice commands to turn lights on or off, shades to open or close, heating and air conditioning to adjust to their comfort level or music or other media to tune to their channel and volume preference. In an emergency, a command can be given to call 911 or to call for nursing assistance.

Patients or patrons family members or caretakers can monitor them from afar on their mobile app and can intervene on their behalf when needed. AEB’s technology uses machine learning algorithms to understand the patients or patrons daily routine so when the routine is deviated from, caretakers will be alerted to check on them too!

EMR integration with IoMT is now a reality as well. AEB will guide and assist your Project Team to implement each new facility with total and complete integration directly from a patient or patrons wearable device. This valuable information can be transmitted directly into the patient or patrons EMR (electronic medical records), giving doctors and caretakers real time data allowing them to immediately give assistance or recommendations to maximize the health care and safety of the patient or patron. Medical devices equipped with IoMT sensors allow devices to link to cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services, MS Azure or others on which captured data can be stored and analyzed to give your patients or patrons the best possible living experience.

AEB can also assist with telemedicine services. Our state of the art SMART A/V, voice and data solutions allow for “house calls” without the doctor or caretaker ever needing to be onsite.

Additional custom IoMT solutions are being developed daily. Contact us today to learn more.

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