The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

IoT for Manufacturing, also known as IIoT, is revolutionizing manufacturing in much the same way IoT will increase automation in homes, schools, stores, hospitals and in many other industries.

By utilizing IIoT, manufacturers can now can greatly improve connectivity, efficiency, scalability, time savings, and cost savings for their organizations. Companies are already benefiting from the IIoT through cost savings due to predictive maintenance, improved safety, and other operational efficiencies. IIoT networks allow industrial organizations to connect all of their people, data, and processes from the factory floor to the executive offices. Business leaders can use this data, in real time, to get a completely up to the minute overview of how their company is doing, which will help you make better decisions.

Some manufacturers, however, have found that interoperability of various devices and the security of said devices are the two biggest challenges surrounding the implementation of IIoT. AEB’s IoT solutions are an excellent way to alleviate these concerns, as we utilize open-source, IT-standard technologies and only the most up to date, security services. In addition, AEB clients know that their data is secure. By using only the highest grade sensors and other reliable, smart, connected devices AEB has established a level of security unsurpassed in the IIoT industry.

IIoT is widely considered to be the primary trend affecting industrial businesses today and in the future. Imagine being able to modernize your systems and equipment, allowing you to keep up with new regulations, increasing your speed to market, and minimizing risk and human error. When using AEB’s IIoT platform, we can help you accomplish all of this and more, ultimately making your company more efficient and increasing your bottom line.

Businesses that embrace IIoT will also see significant improvements to safety, efficiency, and profitability while greatly improving connectivity, scalability, time savings, and cost savings for industrial organizations of all sizes. AEB’s IIoT platform brings together the people and systems on the plant floor with those at the enterprise or corporate level, while allowing these enterprises to get the most possible value from their system without being constrained by technological and economic limitations.

Find out how AEB’s IIoT solutions can solve your manufacturing needs and help your business become an industry leader today.

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