IoT for Agriculture (and Animal Control)

Farming, gardening, even owning or operating a ranch. Things that Americans have been doing since our great country began. They seemed simple, till the soil, plant the seeds, give it some water and sun, watch it grow. Ranchers would use the help of the family dog to herd their cattle. The good life, the simple life.

But in reality, these tasks are anything but simple. What if the soil is too acidic for the type of plant that you are growing. What if you think that you are watering the plants enough, but in reality you are drowning them or the opposite, not giving them enough water? What if the temperature is not ideal for these plants?

By using AEB’s IoT Sensors, you can monitor soil, water, temperature and more, getting real time updates to your mobile device or other monitoring systems alerting you to impactful changes and you can track trends over the long term to ensure optimal growing conditions. This approach will limit your wasted time, money and spoiled or poorly grown crops and replace it with expertly grown crops that you were able to plan for, making your farm more efficient, saving you money on preparations, ultimately allowing you to increase your crop yield and your profits faster than ever before!

The Animal Control industry includes Ranchers, Scientists, Zookeepers and Public Safety. Anyone needing to tag and monitor their four-legged friends can also use AEB’s IoT Wander Guard Tracking System. For instance, when cattle attempt to go through a monitored area or a tiger escapes the zoo, you will be alerted via your mobile device or other monitoring system, and if they get too far, you can still track them via GPS monitoring. SMART A/V systems can be added in for audible alerts and visual monitoring as well.

AEB’s Wander Guard Tacking System ensures the safety and security of your staff and the general public and the animals themselves as they will being tracked and monitored 24×7, 365.

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